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'All are Cs'

I started my new blog ABC (Art, Business, Creativity) with my first post titled All are Cs, continuing with the most important element of every person and organization also in our everyday life and in business, which is creativity.

Continuing with my next post titled, ‘Creativity and Leadership’.

Now I will continue with other important skills with an equally significant role and value, Critical thinking, Complex problem solving, Communication, Collaboration, Criticism, Curiosity, Cognitive flexibility, Connection.

Yes the most important words-elements, characteristics, skills in today's world and market (also for the future), starts from the letter C. Every C word is a different Color which in ultimate balance and function, create the ultimate canvas of a successful leader, employee and are very basic materials for the successful operation and development of every organization.

Regarding to 'Critical Thinking', as a mental and emotional function, it is based on concrete bases for the proper assessment, analysis of information we receive and then to <kneading> and calculate all this… (information). In my seminars and lectures, the education on critical thinking is continuous as well as <transferring> it outside of the seminar’s space with various workshops and directions that I give to the participants so to create a balance between workspace and Life Entrepreneurship, practicing the mind and personality how to learn to research and study.

In fact, this is my constant advice to large companies that I have collaborated who are facing some crisis about their understanding and communication with their clients. I always mention them and go through my training, to reinvent themselves and act as a startup company, focusing on the rapprochement of their public, the society, their products and services.

At the same time, this process increases receptivity and acceptance, through the elaboration of the continuous assessment of the surrounding elements

Τhe basic elements and stages of Critical thinking are:

'Elements of Critical Thinking'

Mike Petrakis

Next post is about Complex problem solving and Communication.

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