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''In Life One Must Not Be Just Another Person, But Another Entity...''

''My art is inspired by a wide range of images and notions, from objects to words - coming from the massive world pop - mass cultures of previous and contemporary times. The modern world is illustrated more emphatically, the basic principles of consumerism, politics, lifestyle and of course personal experience.

According to my artistic beliefs, Art ought to be active and innovative, without a trace of repeated, static patterns. Art ought to be revolutionary, inspiring, awakening, urging people to follow it.''

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FROM THE A. B. C. (Art Business Creativity)

  1. 'Disciplines of A Learner'

    • Critical Thinking
    • Receptiveness
    • EQ
    • Cognitive Flexibility
    • Focus And Respect
    • Connection.
    • Ask Questions
    • Builds On Other People's Ideas
    • Uses mistakes as learning opportunities
    • Accept Criticism and take criticism constructively
    • Speaks up
    • Welcomes a challenge
    • Listen with an openness to change
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  2. 'Creativity and Leadership'

    Continuing the series of articles with reference to the most important characteristics of soft skills and staying in creativity, where I think is the most important skill, we go to 'Creative Leadership' because a remarkable Leader must have practiced and develop this element.

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  3. 'Disciplines of Creativity'

    • Observing, Questioning, Associating, Networking, Experimenting
    • Creative Imagination
    •Connection of different ideas, elements and things
    • Critical thinking and enrichment of the character
    • Receptiveness, Acceptance, and
    • Think Like an Artist
    • Creating queries and approximating the surrounding elements
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Knowledge and Be Polymath
    • Adaptability
    • Asking questions Yes And... not Yes But
    • Why> What if?, What Else>, Why Not?
    • Flexibility
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